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Rockies Tickets!

By Chap Diamond Club, 02/14/19, 7:30PM MST


Rockies Tickets have arrived. Baseball families will get some tickets to each game at our opening night meeting on February 28th. The seats are in sections 115 and 116 on the first level behind right field.

These are the games you will see in your packets.

Apr 9 - 6:40p  Atl Braves
Apr 10 - 1:10p  Atl Braves
May 3 - 6:40p

 AZ Diamondbacks     

May 7 - 6:40p  San Fran Giants
May 9 - 1:10p  San Fran Giants
June 28 - 6:40p        LA Dodgers
July 15 - 6:40p  San Fran Giants
Aug 29 - 6:40p

 Pittsburgh Pirates