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Thank You!

By Chaparral Diamond Club, 03/04/18, 5:15AM MST


Successful field work day in the books!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the field yesterday to help with our list of projects!

We got so many things accomplished and both Coach DiGiosio and the Chap Diamond Club appreciate your efforts. 

  • Turf was placed on the walk up paths, outside the coaches office and in a few other places. 
  • Hitting Tunnel nets were tightened and cleaned up
  • Weeds were pulled all the way around the outside of the field 
  • Signs were secured on the fence
  • Wind screens were secured on the fence
  • Trash barrels were painted
  • Paint on all buildings were touched up
  • Snack Shack was cleaned 
  • Scoreboard was and still is being worked on
  • The area in front of the bleachers was raked
  • Two trucks worth of stuff were hauled to the dump
  • and So Much More! 

Thanks again!

We do have a few things to donate to local business or people - three tractor tires (a crossfit gym may appreciate these) and some wood that is in decent shape. Please reach out to us if you have an interest in these.