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We need you!

By Chaparral Diamond Club, 01/24/18, 8:15AM MST


Frequently asked questions about the Athletic Auction

Q: Why does Chaparral Baseball participate in this when we are not even in season yet? 

A: The auction is a huge fundraiser for Chap Baseball, over the last two years we have raised over $4000 dollars to help our program. The timing is difficult for spring & fall sports, but we rise to the occasion for the benefit of our players

Q: I'm not comfortable going to businesses and asking for handouts, is there another way I can get items for the auction? 

A: Of course you can always purchase items to donate to the auction, but often people find that the idea of asking businesses for support is more uncomfortable than the reality. Most local businesses love the opportunity to support our athletic teams and are especially interested when players ask for a donation. 

Q: When are the auction items due and where do I bring them? 

A: Items are due on Saturday January 26th - You can bring them to Jennie Olson's house in Stonegate, her address is listed below with her contact information.

Q: What do I need to give to the businesses when I ask them to donate? 

A: This packet has everything you need to share with businesses. In many cases the business will receive some tax benefits for their donation. 

Q: I don't think I am very creative or I just don't have the time to be creative, do I need to make a fancy basket for my items? 

A: While we love creativity and complete baskets, we do have volunteers who are here to help make your donation fabulous! Drop off full baskets or just the items you have collected, we will make sure everything looks terrific. 

Q: What happens if we don't sell 26 tickets to the auction?

A: $1000 dollars will be deducted from the baseball account with the Athletic Department and this will directly impact our program. 

Q: I see that we need to sell 26 tickets to the auction, sounds like a fun night out, how do I purchase? 

A: It is a really fun night! You can purchase tickets & register online here:

Q: I heard that players can volunteer to help at the auction and earn volunteer hours, how do they do that? 

A: The athletic department has setup a signup genius for that! Students can signup here:

Q: I'm unable to attend the auction but I am interested in helping purchase tickets to support Chap Baseball - is there anyone who could use the ticket I purchase? 

A: Yes, as a matter of fact we are looking for people to purchase tickets that we can donate to our coaches so they can attend the event. Please contact Jennie Olson if you would like to purchase a ticket for one of the coaches. 

Q: I have more questions or want to donate - who can I talk to?

A: Jennie Olson is our volunteer auction coordinator
Phone: 805.630.5788
Address: 10365 Rowlock Wy Parker CO 80134