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Rockies ticket money

By Coach DiGiosio, 04/29/20, 5:45PM MDT


Ok is the long awaited, and much anticipated, information on what is going on with the Rockies ticket money!! Here is what was FINALLY sent to me TODAY by the Rockies. This went out to every high school baseball program that participated in this.

Here are your options:

1. Hold on to your tickets. You will be offered a ticket exchange for alternative Rockies games once (if) an updated MLB schedule is released. 

2. If not interested in option #1, you can return your tickets and get your money back. IMPORTANT - Chaparral Baseball is still responsible for paying the Rockies for any tickets that do not get returned to them.  In order to get a full refund from The Diamond Club, you need to have every ticket that was given to you and return those tickets before getting your money back. This includes tickets purchased through the use of a voucher.

3.  This option the Rockies didn't provide. Similar to what I discussed with the return of the participation fee, you could use this opportunity to donate all of, or even just a certain percentage, of the money that you used to purchase the tickets to Chap Baseball. You would need to provide the Diamond club with your tickets so that we don't get charged for them and also let the Diamond Club know how much you would like to donate from the amount you paid for the tickets. I know...this amount is significantly more than the $185 participation fee.   And again, it is your money and I respect what you all decide to do with it. This is your call.  The Rockies fundraiser is/was the main contributor to our $24,000 concrete project that was completed back in February.  So this is why I feel it necessary to at least present this option to everyone. 

3A  Apply this same idea to your purchase of concession stand $ that you maybe bought for your son so that he could grab something from the snack shack. Your option here is to ask for it back OR the Diamond Club will roll it over to next year. Obviously for seniors this doesn't help you.  

Lastly, the Rockies ticket program was run through our Diamond Club. If you have questions you are welcome to reach out to me. However, I do not have a way of refunding your money. I also won't be collecting your returned tickets. So please contact the Diamond Club for the purposes of returning tickets and communicating how much of your money you are asking for back.

Thanks everyone. I hope everyone is continuing to be safe and finding ways to get through our current situation.


Coach DiGiosio

Chaparral Diamond Club