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Donation follow up

By Coach DiGiosio, 04/19/20, 4:30PM MDT


Hello everyone.  Just a quick follow up on the previous information regarding my request for your consideration to donate the returned DCSD participation fees.  There have been a number of people that have reached out to me with questions as to how to donate it due to the school still being closed. So here is what I think will be the easiest way to do it - make the check out to Chaparral Baseball, and mail it to me. I will deposit it when there is an opportunity to do so.  Email me or text(if you have my number)  directly at and I'll will provide you with my address. Putting addresses or phone numbers on here isn't the wisest thing to do!

Let me reiterate that if you are choosing not to donate the $185 back to the program, for whatever reason, that is perfectly fine! We are all in different places financially and I respect those decisions.

Thanks again for all of the support.

Coach DiGiosio