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By Coach DiGiosio, 04/13/20, 8:00AM MDT


Happy Monday everyone.  As we start the 4th week of our quarantine, there are a few things that I need to share with everyone. 

First off, it was made known to all spring coaches last Friday that DCSD will be giving a full refund of the participation fee for this spring. How that will be happening, or when, I do not know.  However, something I hope many of you can consider is that your participation fee payments are a huge contributor to the funds that we had for not only already purchased equipment items, field materials, and coach's salaries for this season, it also helps us moving forward so that we have money in our account as 2021 approaches. Our Diamond Legacy campaign was also going to receive money from this account for future projects. So what I am asking is, if you could consider this fee a donation to our program for 2020, it would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, if for any reason you need or want this money back, it is rightfully yours to take back. No questions asked. 

On that note - 2020 Rockies ticket program. Unfortunately I don't have any updates here. The Rockies are waiting to update all of the coaches once MLB makes a decision on their season.  I do know games that you have tickets for that have already been, or are likely to be cancelled, can be exchanged through the Rockies ticket office for a different game. I'm not sure if that can happen now however. You'll need to contact them directly with any questions that you might have.

Uniform collection - I am holding off on this until we know for sure what we can and can't do.  My hope is to be able to put something together for our guys over a weekend or a few days where they can get out and play. IF we are allowed to do so. Only IF.  When it is determined that we need to collect the team issued gear, my expectation is that everyone returns their checked out items on the day and time that is set for this. That will include jerseys, jackets(all teams), stirrups(vasrity, jv) helmets(varsity and jv), back packs(varsity). The players can keep the white, blue and red tshirts.

SENIORS - your gear will be returned to me prior to your graduation. There will be a fine of $500 placed on your account to insure that everything that belongs to the program comes back. If we are able to play at some point I will give back to you what you need.   Also, if you haven't already, please send me the info that I requested last week.

That's it for now. I hope everyone continues to do their part and remains safe and healthy. Thank you.


Coach DiGiosio