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By Coach DiGiosio, 03/26/20, 9:00AM MDT


Good morning everyone.  It's a new day in this quarantine world we are living in. Today brings the new "shelter in place" order for our entire state. Hopefully you are doing your part to help our community fight the spread of this virus as well a promoting it to others and encouraging them to do the same. For me, my frustration with our community is pretty high after running up to the field yesterday and seeing both gates open despite being locked a few days ago, and the 'L' screen, which I put away the same day back out laying on the infield.  I also had to chase 5 slow pitch softball playing adults off of the field.  This is a huge frustration of mine and something that I combat on a regular basis. Not  just during this time of quarantine.  With today's orders in place, along with DCSD putting out official word that all fields and facilities are closed, hopefully this will help. In addition, local law enforcement is supposed to be patrolling the area to help enforce what the state and county is trying to institute. 

Day 3 of online school is today as well. Make sure you are communicating with your teachers and using all of your resources to complete the assigned work. Be responsible and hold yourself accountable for continuing your academic progress during this time. If you need help, reach out to teachers, parents or teammates.

Like many of you, I've had time to reflect on all kinds of things. Needless to say, our baseball program has been on my mind a time or 2 over the last 2 weeks. Especially after seeing the team pictures of all 4 teams yesterday. I looked at all 4 pictures, zooming in on faces, seeing ALL the hair sticking out of hats(cuz there's a lot of hair!) and feeling like we are missing out on so much right now.

A question that came to mind, and something I think is worth thinking about and discussing if you are a player in our program, is: Are you a Chap baseball player? Or someone who plays baseball at Chap? To me there's a difference.  And the difference is defined by your actions. Your commitment. Your pride. Not just to baseball. Who are you in our community? What do you represent? Who are you to our school? To your classmates, the entire CHS student body, teachers and staff members. Are you trusted by your teammates to do what is right? To challenge yourself to be better every day? We all have moments where we fail. But are you minimizing those moments and eliminating the influences in your life that might be contributing to those failures?

Someone who simply plays baseball at Chaparral High School collects his jersey at the beginning, participates in the season and turns in his gear when it's over. Hoping, and maybe even expecting, to make a team the next year.  Doesn't establish relationships with his teammates and coaches. Doesn't care what our field and facility looks like and regularly looks to others to take care of what needs to be done - on the field and in life in general.

Chap baseball players have a few character traits that have been present since the inception of our program - Toughness. Grit. Drive. Commitment and determination. Enthusiasm. Desire for team success over recognition of the individual.  Passion. Pride. A wanting and willingness to leave our program, in all aspects, better than they found it.  When looking at those pictures yesterday, this is what I saw in the faces of so many of our players and coaches. You could see it in their eyes - the pride they have for our program and the excitement for the season that was ahead of them. And hopefully still is.

I think we can all apply this question to our own place and role in our program. Coaches, players and parents all are a huge part of who we are as a program, now and in the future.  Lets keep putting out those positive vibes and know that once we're given the green light, we'll all be hungrier than ever to continue the legacy that is Chap Baseball!!

Have a great rest of the week everyone.


Coach DiGiosio