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SNAP Fundraiser

By Coach DiGiosio, 03/11/20, 9:00AM MDT


We are off to a great start on our SNAP fundraiser! Not even 2 days in and we've raised $4,310! However, 26 of our players have yet to send out even 1 email and 13 have sent out less than half of what is required.  The expectation is that they do their share.  20 emails to friends and family members in and out of state is minimum. Text messages can also be sent. The silent auction was a HUGE success due to the efforts of our parents. Now it's our player's turn to do their share!  So keep pluggin away and do your share!!

Concrete is getting poured today!!!

Please contact me directly if there are issues/concerns with participating in this fundraiser.  

Go Chap!!

Coach DiGiosio