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Rockies Tickets

By Chaparral Diamond Club, 02/14/20, 3:45PM MST


At our season opener (March 5th) we will be distributing Rockies Tickets - each player will pay $625. If you have two players in your family please let us know if you plan to get both sets of tickets ($625 + $625) or only one set of tickets and a fundraising fee ($625 + $225). This will help us plan our ticket distribution. Please contact the Diamond Club with your option choice. 

These tickets are part of the Colorado High School outreach that the Rockies organization runs each spring. Our varsity team will be playing a game against Arapahoe HS at Coors Field on Monday, May 4th.

Players from all levels will be excused from afternoon classes on this day and will travel with the varsity team to watch the game and get a tour of the facilities. Diamond Club will provide players with lunch prior to departure to Coors Field from Chap. Transportation is in the planning stages, details will be communicated at a later date. Team parents will facilitate some of these logistics prior to game day. 

Parents are encouraged to attend, parking and entry is free at Coors Field for the day.