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Coors Field Game

By Coach DiGiosio, 04/04/19, 8:30AM MDT


The rescheduled date for our game at Coors Field is April 29 at 3:00pm

Things to know:

  • There will be a 2 way bus that leaves Chaparral from the parking lot by the soccer fields at 1:15.  They will not be allowed on the bus if they have not turned in the permission slip that the Rockies require each person to have filled out prior to arriving at Coors Field.
  • In fact, those forms are due to the Rockies a week prior to the game. Please make sure all players have turned this form in to their specific head coach.
  • We realize that there is currently a Sophomore and a Freshman game scheduled that day. We are still deciding if those games will get moved or remain as scheduled.

Thank you for your continued support of Chap Baseball!

Coach DiGiosio

Note from Chaparral Diamond Club: 

The Coors Field Varsity game is intended to be an all-program activity. Usually, all level teams get a chance to tour the field together as well as the  visitor clubhouse before taking their seats and watching the Varsity team play. We are also usually scheduled for this game very early in the season so that all of our teams can participate fully. This year, as you all know, the weather didn't cooperate and the game had to be rescheduled. The Rockies organization, due to scheduling constraints of the MLB, gives us one chance to reschedule. If the rescheduled game is cancelled, there will NOT be a third attempt to play - the game will just be cancelled. 

Because the rescheduled date is during the height of the season for all of our teams, there are conflicts with both the Freshman Team and the Sophomore team. If those games are cancelled to allow those teams to go to Coors Field, there is a very high likelihood they will not get rescheduled due to insufficient field availability. For this reason Coaches will make the decision about these cancellations after discussion with their players, giving the Freshman and Sophomore players the opportunity to decide if they want to risk losing a game in their already short season or if they prefer to play ball. 

We know this may be disappointing and that some parents may have concerns. We ask that parents pause to let each team determine what they plan to do and if there are still concerns after that decision is made, please contact Coach DiGiosio directly at