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Scrimmage Weekend & More

By Chaparral Diamond Club, 03/05/19, 8:00PM MST


Saturday 3/9 Scrimmage Schedule


1:00     Pomona / Chap
3:00     Chap / Grandview


9:00     Chaparral / Grandview
3:00     Chaparral / Brighton


9:00     Chap / Brighton
11:30   Chap / Grandview


11:00   Grandview / Chap

JV is now hosting 4 games at Chap - we will need coverage for the snack shack. If you are not on the JV team but willing to cover one of these shifts please signup here:

Coaches will communicate directly with players about what time they need to arrive for their games. 

Other Important Items this week

Thursday March 7th - Panera Fundraiser

Sunday March 10th - Easter Basket Building

Schedules in sports engine app

We are sorry the schedules do not work in the sports engine app. It is a limitation of the current calendar the school uses (from continental league) for it's scheduling of games. You can subscribe to your team's calendar by clicking the links below. You may also check either the master baseball calendar or the school calendar

Varsity Schedule Subscription

Junior Varsity Schedule Subscription

Sophomore Schedule Subscription

Freshman Schedule Subscription

Easter Basket Drive Image

Easter Basket Service Project

For the third year in a row, Chaparral Baseball will be representing the Easter Bunny  to create baskets for the children who receive benefits at the Parker Task Force.

Thank you to everyone who brought donations to our season opener. If you didn't get a chance to donate, forgot or just want to do more,  we still need some baskets/buckets and easter grass. Please drop those off at the Upton's by March 10th at 3pm (address below).

There will be a basket building day on March 10th at 3p at the Upton home - 10661 Clarkeville Way.  Signup to help today! 

Students can get volunteer hours for this activity but they need to bring their volunteer sheet to the event to have it signed. Thanks for your generosity in helping out the Parker Task Force.

Work Day Success!

Diamond Club would like to make a huge shout out to Troy Main for organizing the Work Day last weekend. We had a great turnout despite freezing temps. Here is a recap of all that we got done!

Completed outdoors:

  • Netting repaired in batting cages, except a few holes I see especially in top of net, need a really tall ladder for those
  • Netting replaced and repaired in front of dug outs
  • Two pitching screens built(thanks to one saint patient Dad) and new netting attached
  • Trashed removed from under bleachers and back in concrete storage area’s - more to be removed - need flatbed or large pick up to remove netting and extra turf junk pieces.
  • Turf along back stop and more edging
  • Sweeping done
  • Netting cut in to more manageable sizes to patch future area’s

Still to be done OutDoors:

  • Pitching Mounds rebuilt - ground was too frozen 
  • Turf cut from roll and placed in field - not sure where coach wants this done and it will take 6 people and likely a piece of heavy equipment to unroll and move the artificial turf - we used a pickup last year but some sort of forklift would be awesome 
  • Painting - it was too cold 
  • Bleachers to be moved - didn’t have in his list but needs to be done 
  • Pallets and trashed to be removed from behind visitor dug out and back in concrete storage - maybe a couple extra netting rolls and misc turf pieces 
  • Dirt in front of home bleachers leveled 

Snack Shack

In the Snack Shack Nicola Nolan was running the show along with Sarah Carew! Thanks Nicola & Sarah! They had a successful training of people who have never worked the snack shack (don't worry about signing up if you didn't make it - we will help you when you show up for your shift). She got the following things done and needs just a few things. 

What we got finished inside:

  • Restocked snacks and drinks.
  • Accounted for utensils
  • Cleaned/dusted shelves
  • Shop vac the floor
  • Removed old equipment, stools, various items. 
  • Accounted for items still needed for opening day. 
  • Took items home to clean 
  • Updating price sheets and info for volunteers 
  • Cleaned/swept out the scoring loft
  • Removed old stereo equipment
  • Hooked up speakers, mics and scoreboard controler

What we need inside: 

  • We would like a second shelf for the scoring loft - see Emily 
  • A/V assistance for one speaker that is not functioning after winter. Also to evaluate current system. 
  • Two new brooms/dustpans - one upstairs one down. 
  • Two more comfortable card table chairs (counter is at strange height so if they are padded to sit up a little higher that is ideal) 
  • Replace light bulb upstairs
  • Mount power strip

Longer term Outdoor wishlist
  • Concrete
  • New bleachers/grandstand
  • Landscaping
  • Scoreboard
  • Turf behind home plate 
Longer term Snack Shack wish list 
  • New stairs either rebuild inside or plan for outside entrance
  • Insulation and drywall
  • Winterize and seal-up